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I'm so excited to share my website relaunch with you. I've been an Artist my whole life and it feels like all the pieces are finally falling into place. I started my professional art career at 15 years old by painting and drawing portrait commissions for my peers. I knew in my lifetime I would open an art business despite "the starving Artist" stigma. It's been my life's mission to be a successful artist because a girl loves to eat but mainly because this is my passion. I love creating. I love seeing my ideas come to fruition no matter the length of time it takes. I've been working on my craft day in and out until 2-3 am while having 9-5 jobs.

Secret: You can only get good at something by doing it often.

Last year, I was laid off my diamond Jewelry design job of 5 years which propelled me to start my business. It was a blessing in disguise. For the 1st time in my life I had time to really think and plan my art career. Trust me, it hasn't been the easiest but the rewards are priceless. I encourage everyone to find something they enjoy doing and turn it into the unimaginable. The world needs it. Everyone is creative including you. Also, with technology/Ai and robots bombarding our lives soon, it is said creatives will thrive during the new age. If you're a creative hi five- your job and your critical thinking won't be replaced by a robot. Lmao! No but seriously all joking aside I feel gratitude to share these thoughts with you and I thank you for reading this. Your support has led us here.


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