Deadass by Lovedom

Deadass: a New York Dating Story

Prod. Charles Vista 
Written by Dominique "Lovedom" Davenport 
Mix/Master - Do What You Love Studios 
Cover Art By Lovedom
Earrings by Rocioart

Outside of me

Outside of me by Lovedom

What you lover like when youre not around?

Prod. Toryonthebeat
Written by Dominique "Lovedom" Davenport Mix/Master - Do What You Love Studios 
 Cover Art By Domino

Party Girl

Party Girl by Lovedom

Party Girl is a coming of Age song about being a Tall Woman who grew into her confidence by using height as an advantage to skip lines to attend parties. Prod. Fantommuzik Written by Dominique "Lovedom" Davenport Mix/Master: Do what you Love Studios Cover Art: Domino

Don't Start Now

Don't Start Now by Lovedom

Don't Start Now-Dua Lipa (cover)
Written By Emily Warren, Ian Kirkpatrick, Caroline Ailin & Dua Lipa  
Producer - Shaun Principato 
 Mix/Master - Do What You Love Studios 
 Photographer - Gino Fleming 
 Stylist - Ritika Sachdeva 
 Outfit - Shop Eclecticist